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Tips From An Energy Auditor

hvac filters, energy audit tipsWant some easy tips from an energy audit?  


These three alone can save homeowners a lot of money!  Find out now!

Electric Vehicles Are Safe

Due to their smaller sizes or from misleading headlines about the Chevy Volt battery, the impression that electric vehicles aren't as safe as gas-powered cars is out there, but just not true!  They actually get 5 stars in safety tests ... read more

Why CFLs Make More Sense Than Ever

CFL bulb insideA recent trip to Home Depot and Costco showed CFL's are now cheaper to buy than normal bulbs per hour and have improved; now they're really a no-brainer!  LED's still pricey.

Read more here

Ethanol vs. Gas: Calc. your ROI!

Ethanol pump E85 fuel

Ethanol as a fuel source can make sense if you live in an area with plenty of stations.  But to decide if it makes sense to convert your gas car to flex fuels requires you know the cost savings, then you can calc. an ROI.  Here's a calculator to help...


Bill Gates: Smart on Solar?

Bill Gates on Solar from WiredBill Gates sounds off on many energy subjects in a Wired interview.  But to EF's Martin Fleischmann, his thoughts on solar's future lack power -- he uses wrong analogies and once again misreads history. Read the long article...

Energy Audits: Easier than a Physical!

energy auditAudits cost less than a car 60K tune up but can save you more, and are more pleasant than a physical!  So why don't more people do them?  Learn about it here.

Home Energy Efficiency

To save on your home electricity bills, several small investments have very fast payback.  Or some larger projects have a great return while increasing your comfort and resale value to boot!


Home Energy Efficiency diagram

Simple projects like better insulation and efficient lights are good, but a full energy audit is always the best way to help you prioritize:

Renewable Energy Alternatives

Renewable Energy has many forms, though most only think of solar panels or wind power.  Solar and renewable energy


While solar is most prevalent for homeowners, geothermal heat pumps and biomass energy can be good options, and energy storage is also a key part of the equation.  Read more:

Gas Alternatives

Starter image for biofuelsAlternative fuels, any fuels not derived from oil or coal, are at an exciting juncture -- they can ultimately help America wean itself from its dependence on unstable foreign oil sources and drive lower gas prices too.


Find the latest info and helpful how-to articles here:

Car & Truck Reports

There are many places to see brochures on the latest non-gas vehicles; our goal is different -- to give you the latest news you can use on the most innovative new electric vehicles, hybrids, natural gas (CNG) powered vehicles, and those using flex fuels. 


As important as the cars are the recharging or servicing station options available, and we'll show you the latest info in your area on how to fill up.  The emphasis will always be as much on practicality of use as well as cost per mile driven, both things that matter most -- unless you want pure performance.  In that case, most of these cars will not disappoint either! 

Read more by clicking the photo above...

Office Efficiency

Modern Office space, office efficiency Office energy efficiency is a priority for large busineses, but not so often pursued by small and medium sized businesses.  However it should be -- without much upfront expense smaller businesses and landlords can save a lot and get great ROI.


The best way is to make a holistic plan, which usually starts with a BPI certified energy auditClick the photo at left to learn more.